Private Page - Your draft

Hi Jo and Tim,
I'm glad you like the invitations!
Below is a new draft of the RSVP card. If I receive your payment today I will send tomorrow.
If you want me to send 1st Class it will cost £1 more.
If you want me to send by Special Delivery it will cost £7 more.
This is guaranteed to arrive the next morning and the most reliable service, but someone does have to be in to take delivery.
If you don't answer they will just leave a card to rearrange delivery or collect from the delivery office, So you'll have paid the extra and still not have them the next morning!
If I'm expecting a Special Delivery I leave a signed note on the door to ask them to leave the package if there's no answer (or you don't get to the door quickly enough). With the Covid rules they usually seem to be prepared to leave the package if you do this.
So the amount to pay is
£23.99 1st Class or
£29.99 Special Delivery
Payment details:
Mrs Josephine L Brears
or by entering the amount at:
If you make a bank transfer let me know so I can check the account.
All the best,
30 Filigree telegram RSVP 6x4
ivory envelopes