30 Ration Book Wedding Invitations (110)


First names or add surnames
Include the day if you wish
Leave blank if invites are just for your reception
For evening invitations enter the time you want guests to arrive. Not usually required for whole day invitations.
RSVP contact details and an RSVP by date if you wish

These lovely Wedding Invitations are handmade for you in the UK and will be personalised with your Wedding Details - 30 large invites with envelopes cost just £28.99 including delivery - Other pack sizes are available - Personalised For Day or Evening  - You will receive an email draft to check before printing - Your wedding invitations are printed on heavy silky smooth card and measure a generous 7x5 inches (18x13cm) - They come with a choice of envelopes and will be delivered in about a week - See the full range and other pack sizes on our Website - Matching RSVP Cards, Gift Poem Cards and other Wedding Stationery are available...

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